Recycling and Removing Asbestos in Your Home—Know the Importance

It’s a tough nut to crack to keep your property clean and free from health hazards, but knowing the causes and little unknowns can play a huge part in preventing issues from occurring. In households across Australia, asbestos is a common occurrence, especially in older houses and structures. Unfortunately, it’s effects are often underestimated as well—a potentially fatal matter when not attended to appropriately and not knowing how to conduct asbestos recycling can be problematic. Leaving it as a DIY project can only inflict more harm (if you’re not savvy in the field), so it’s important to understand the many advantages of leaving it to the professionals to handle. Here’s some insights to get you in the loop:

Where does it occur and who deals with the waste?

Typically, asbestos can be found throughout insulation that was installed in the latter part of last century. Looking for signs in seals and sealants, pipes, ducts and roofs are usually the first indication that there could be an issue, and when discovered, it’s important to call in a pro immediately to conduct removal. Furthermore, the Bris-Skips team can assist with recycling and getting rid of the remnants—a stressful factor for anyone dealing with this issue.

Danger, danger!

Not disposing of this type of waste can cause exposure that has been cited as a link to serious diseases like mesothelioma and many variants of cancer, including:

  • Lung
  • Brain
  • Kidney
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Gall bladder
  • Voice box.

With this in mind, searching for any signs of asbestos means keeping safe—be it through using a mask or having well-versed professionals come in to do the job. In some cases, hazardous and airborne particles can still cause harm, so ensuring you’ve got the right protection is essential.

Where a professional can help

Asbestos professionals can assist with waste removal and ensuring the identification and removal of this matter is dealt with correctly. A team like Bris-Skips can ensure that any asbestos waste is recycled effectively, ensuring your property is free from these harmful infestations once and for all.

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