How to Efficiently and Effectively Load a Skip Bin

To get the most out of your skip bin hire, Bris-Skips recommends you follow a couple of simple guidelines when it comes to filling it. By loading the bin correctly, it makes it easier for the bin to be collected and it can save you money on excess charges for overfilling.

Don’t fill the bin past the top line

Occupational Safety and Health regulations place restrictions on overloading a skip bin. It is illegal for a truck to transport a container that has rubbish and waste protruding from it and exceeding the bin’s dimensions. This can result in fines and demerit points for the truck driver. Think about when you have been travelling behind a truck transporting a bin and whether its appearance made you feel safe. Bear this in mind when filling your bin and you won’t go wrong.

How should I load the bin to ensure I get the most into it?

Think of the task as a 3D jigsaw puzzle and try to leave no gaps and airspace. Lay large flat objects on the bottom first, crush items as much as possible before putting them in, and make sure you store the bin inside your property to prevent passersby putting their own rubbish in it. Importantly, recycle as much as you can as this is often free for items such as glass, plastic and paper.

Keeping your bin within its capacity will save you money and our team time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a Bris-Skips expert.

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