Fill Your Skip Bin with Non-Recyclable Waste

Recycling is important, not only for the environment, but it makes sense economically as well. By recycling as many of your unwanted items as possible, you have more room to put non-recyclable waste in your skip bin. This enables you to get the most out of the space you have, making it more cost-effective for your hard earned dollars and saving you money on renting multiple bins.

 Producing many of the materials used to make drink cans, batteries, boxes, newspapers and more, is more cost-effective when using recycled metals and paper pulp. For example, the cost to refine the raw materials and produce one aluminium can is equal to the cost of producing 20 from recycled materials.

The environmental impact of recycling is even greater, with the production of new materials for household and everyday items increasing the amount of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. When a kilogram of paper or cardboard is pulped for new products it prevents a kilogram of harmful gas being released into the environment.

Just a few of the many products can be recycled –

  • The metals in batteries can be used to produce stainless steel
  • Glass, which can be recycled an infinite number of times
  • Plastic bottles, important as it can take almost 500 years to decompose in landfill

Recycling makes sense, it puts more money in your pocket and it helps the environment. If it can’t be recycled or reused, then Bris-Skips is here to help you take it away. Talk to us today about our skip bin hire solutions.

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