Asbestos Removal and Disposal – Specialty Bin Hire from Bris-Skips

Bris-Skips is an EPA approved transporter of asbestos, a hazardous material previously used for insulation in many Australian homes. Due to its toxicity, it has since been banned in many countries around the world.

Asbestos was widely used to insulate houses between the 1940 and 1980s, before its carcinogenic properties were discovered. Since being phased out in 1989 and then banned outright in 2003, asbestos has continued to be problematic throughout Australia. Because it is such a dangerous substance, it requires great care and precaution when dealing with it, with suitable tools and protective clothing imperative. It is important that any amount, whether large or small, is contained in a sealed bin when it is being transported.

Asbestos is regulated waste, this requires the use of special equipment to ensure it is removed and transported safely, without risk to the public or environment. As professional asbestos transporters, Bris-Skips can provide the ideal bin to ensure it is properly removed from your property. We will supply a fully lined skip bin, necessary to prevent fibres from falling out when it is in motion, as well as a protective cover for the top once it has been loaded.

If you have old asbestos insulation, it is important to have it removed to prevent damage to your health, and the health of your family. Talk to Bris-Skips about your skip bin hire options and find out more regarding how we can help transport it away from your home or office.

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